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Savii Bands – The brilliant musical artist who is on the rise

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It takes a lot of talent, technique, and knowledge to be a successful musical artist. Talent alone is insufficient; it must be combined with ongoing practice, learning, and study.

A rising star in the music business, Savii bands is one of the top musical artists of the current generation. His worldliness greatly influences his artistic style. He is the sort of performer you want to listen to repeatedly.

Matthew Shereef Smith better known as Savii Bands a music artist was born on July 29, 1996, in Dunedin Fl to a Caucasian mother and an African American father. He spent his childhood in Tampa FL. There amongst other things, he started making music at the age of 13 with the inspiration of his brother and celebrity friends.

He began taking music seriously in the year of late 2018 when he released his hit single titled “This Summer “ which was produced by 1Mackboy. Followed by “ Karate ” which did numbers on all platforms. Savii was also signed by Samuel E. Guzman, an American talent manager. Who works closely with record labels like Sony, Empire, and many more to get music artists like Savii Bands more exposure and a distribution deal.

The song “YN (Goin In),” written by Ace Banks, discusses the difficulties the musician faced in an earlier life and how he overcame them to enjoy a better one. His breakout single, “Hasta La Vista,” was released in November 2019, and in its first week, it earned almost 2,000 streams.

His music video, which debuted on Loyalty Over Love Radio and YouTube in the weeks that followed, garnered 6,000 views. Regular partnerships with the producer SauceBossWan led to this. Other songs by him that are noteworthy are “Class In Session,” “Come Get Her,” “Risk,” and “Buss Down.”

Recently Savii has released more than 50 songs on all platforms followed up by two hit singles titled “ PGOM “ and “ Love & War “. PGOM is projected to surpass over 100k streams by the end of April. This is anticipated to be the biggest hit in the nation.

The album “The Purple Heart” was released as a tribute to 9/11 on November 9th, 2022. A single song called “Love and War” was out on November 24, 2022. Love & War has just been released and already surpassed 8k streams in the first week since release. DJ Flippp, a producer located in Los Angeles, California, worked with him.

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