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Artist Spotlight: Nonchalant Sosaa

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Nonchalant Sosaa (birthname Trey Francis) was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Baton Rogue is a city known for its phenomenal Hip Hop talent. Sosaa has worked non-stop on his craft for many years, allowing him to bring his raw talent and creative artistry to the table. His demeanor is assertive when it comes to his music.

Nonchalant Sosaa’s mission is to encourage positive messages in his music inspired by his struggle growing up from a life he strived to escape. Most importantly, Nonchalant Sosaa brings more than just music to the table; he creates music for those who discover that they cannot find the realness and love lost in today’s society.

His ultimate goal is to deliver a different perspective to this music industry and that it’s not always about portraying a tough image. He wants his fans to understand that even as a Hip Hop artist, it is okay to be viewed by others as a compassionate human being.

Prominent artists in the music industry have recognized Nonchalant Sosaa, such as TEC, who is also from Baton Rouge. In 2023, Nonchalant Sosaa will be working on his subsequent studio efforts and pursuing acting in television and film projects.

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