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With 1+ Million Streams and Counting Cash Money Ceez is on the Rise

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In the last few years, the music industry has undergone some big changes. More and more artists are releasing their music directly to the internet without needing to sign up with a record label in order to get their sound out there. But even more than that, more people than ever are listening to music on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music instead of purchasing albums at the store. For independent artists with no major label backing them, this new reality can make it tough to get their name out there and get listeners interested in their music, but Cash Money Ceez seems to be navigating it just fine.

Cash Money Ceez: who he is and where he’s from

Cash Money Ceez was born in the Bronx but lives in south Florida. He has 1 million plus streams on Spotify, he’s been releasing music for years now, and he’s had two mixtapes. He released his latest project usual Suspects (us) featuring fellow artist Boogie Sosa. His latest release Cesar’s Palace features fan faves like Beamer Bitch. These two mixtapes were released in November and made his 4th release of the year! It’s a mix of New York drill and a touch of the south with lyrics that might be best described as rap meets trap with tracks.

His sound and what sets him apart

Cash Money Ceez has a sound that sets him apart from the rest. It’s raw, aggressive, and he doesn’t shy away from telling you exactly what he’s feeling at any given time. His music is as long as it’s coming straight from his heart, which we can all respect! The catchy melodies and beats are some of the many things to love about this rising star. Be sure to keep up with Cash Money Ceez, because if he continues to make moves like these, then there is no doubt that we’ll see more of him in years to come.

What’s next for Cash Money Ceez

Even after the release of the two mixtapes, CM Ceez was seen recording new music and previewing even more unreleased music on his Instagram account. Since debuting his music on the independent scene, he has found himself an important niche and elevated himself above others with a personal sound and unequaled work ethic. With over 1 million streams for his latest project, it seems as though all that hard work is finally paying off.


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