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Bentley Records Artist Boobie Blood

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1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Boobieblood is a street recording artist from Minneapolis Minnesota. I grew up in the early 90s and I had to grind to get to where I am now, staying in the studio, freestyling to beats. I didn’t take music seriously until street life caught up with me. & I had to go do 3years in prison for a second-degree assault, everybody gave up on me and turned their back so I stuck to doing my music. I  got out. And never looked back I’ve been out since 2012 & I hit the studio pushing out 5 mixtapes which lead to Bentley Records, offering me a distribution deal to me in late 2019 since then I released 2 EPs and a slew of singles. Via Bentley Records. Now it’s BENTLEYGANG or no gang……..

2. Explain to us a little about your new release?

My latest release full agenda came along as I’m building my own independent label, Wyldlyfemusikgroup, at that time I signed an artist named chuurrch, and we were just working on a mixtape together that’s on, and we from the streets and we are both really talented artists, and the song just came along as we were talking shit. about are mini success in the streets and on the beats.

3. What was the production process like?

We were in the studio non-stop, for days and had to eat there some nights in the studio, It didn’t take long the beat was knocking and we freestyle so it was just time-consuming for the most part

4. Who else was included in the production/song?

My artist at the time chuurrch and the engineer at dear Mama studios, in northeast Minneapolis,

5. What is your message with this song

Keep grinding you gone make it to where u wanna be just stay on your own path in life.

6. What would you like to give the fans with this song?

With this song, I just wanna encourage my fans to follow their dreams and go hard to make a change in their life. Far as you doing what makes you happy Kuz music makes me happy so stay positive.

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