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Big D RTH and Dub Dotta are putting the rap game on notice with new visual

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Rising Little Rock, AR artists Big D RTH and Dub Dotta put the city on notice with their hot new single “Real Life.” In this heartfelt banger, Big D RTH and Dub Dotta shed light on their upbringing and struggles of growing up in Little Rock, AR, hence the title “Real Life.” This highly anticipated release has been on fire since it dropped in September receiving over 100,000 views on YouTube and over 17,000 total streams worldwide! This song has also received radio play on Sirius XM Radio via Shade 45 courtesy of Alabama legend DJ New Era. Big D knew this song could make waves when he first got the beat from this hot new producer in the UK, Santana Beatz.
Once he laid down the hook and his verse he knew Dub Dotta would be the missing piece to making this record a hit and as expected Dub did not disappoint once he stepped in that vocal booth. After the record was finished they knew they had to shoot a video for it. Big D reached out to Little Rock videographer, EJ The Artist, with Premium Quality Films to shoot it and then let Atlanta based company, Hustle Dream Production put the final edits on it to turn their story into an epic movie! This video can be found on Big D RTH’s youtube channel, “Big D Rocktown Hustler.” Make sure you subscribe, like, comment and share. “Real Life,” is also available now on all streaming platforms.  

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