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Who is Dave Junglist And Why Should You Care

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Dave Junglist, or Big Junglist, goes by his official name Odave Walker is a Jamaican record executive, CEO, and co-founder of BIGLEAGUE Records and Management. He has worked extensively with dancehall and reggae artists, many of whom have reached peak popularity in Jamaica through his imprint.


On December 6, 1982, Odave Walker was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He was nurtured in the Pegasus Community in Kingston 12’s Arnette Garden neighborhood. At the age of 14, Dave started his musical career. The music enthusiasts with whom he spent his formative years sparked his passion for music.


Before switching to music production, Dave Junglist started his career as an entrepreneur and event producer. He developed a master plan to use his music record label to help other musicians discover their talents after retiring from event planning and performing.


In 2014, Odave founded BIGLEAGUE Records and Management, his music label. He went from knowing only the basics of Fruit Loops to becoming one of Jamaica’s most prolific and well-known producers at this point, which was one of the most valuable turning points in his musical career. His record label has signed several up-and-coming artists, such as King Pinn, Tally Hawk, Cyndrum, Maleidon, ZIZI, Chronic Law, and Fully Bad.


Youngsta’s On A Come Up has released two tracks as Dave Junglist since his 2021 debut (coded by ZIZI 6ixx). Junglist is finally poised to soar to new heights owing to a distribution contract inked in 2021 with Tunecore for his label, Bigleague Records and Management, after beginning his career with a run of indie albums with other dance hall musicians, including Chronic Law, Malie Don, and ZIZI 6ixx.


His work as a producer, however, has launched him into the spotlight as a real veteran, hustler, grinder, and entrepreneur that everyone should be aware of since 2014. Dave Junglist has contributed to some of the biggest dancehall singles of the year 2022, including his tune “Inside Link.”


Dave Junglist was raised by musicians, which influenced his musical interests and early songwriting. Dave Junglist claims that his problem-solving technique is thorough. This means that he either enters the studio with a clear notion of how he wants the music to sound or that he may experiment with sounds until he has a good sense of what he wants to create.


Dave Junglist utilizes a variety of creative strategies; he may enter the recording studio with a specific aim in mind or experiment with numerous sounds before coming up with an idea. “I enjoy listening to the music of all types. I’ve been listening to music in this manner since I was a small child “Dave Junglist stated.


Despite his many musical inspirations, he understands the need to stay faithful to and build on the original Jamaican sound. He feels that the many rhythms, arrangements, and sounds he has heard have somehow affected his taste and sound. “I just attempt to influence that,” Dave Junglist remarked. I believe our music is constantly evolving. “I strive to include some “traditional” aspects into my sound.” We can’t harvest the fruit until we have the root.”


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