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Ace General Half Man, Half Marketing Genius

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Is there anything that this man can’t do? Fromevent planning, acting, launching his own clothing company, and accumulating over 2 million views on his music, Ace has taken the phrase “a man of many hats” to another level. His latest endeavor is running a company that helps up and coming artists gain exposure. The self-proclaimed plug to the industry has helped plenty of artists further their music careers.With over 20 clients, Ace General Inc is steadilybecoming the go-to company for access to those lockeddoors and a seat at the table.

His roster consists of acts like Dev Eye, whose hit single Hello (Excuse me) has been heard on both Power 105.1 and Hot 97. Played by many DJsincluding the gate keeper himself, Funk Flex. Other acts such as GFB Fresh and Jake James have been headliners for major shows. Ace general says, “a lot of Artists have the talent of making music but wasn’t blessed with the skill of how to market that music.” He goes on to say, “I want to help them get to a certain level so that they can keep the ball rolling on their own”. He likes to think that when it comes to getting things done for his clients, he is the male version of Olivia Pope. The latest artist we have seen Ace General promoting is Yvng Legacy, as his new song “Darling” is starting to heat up. Let’s keep watching to see what else Ace has in store.

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