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Ariel Houston Comes Correct and Inspires In A Magnificent Way

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The CEO and President of the “Houston Foundation for Hope, Inc “(HFH) is a Mental Health Clinician specializing in substance use disorders and addiction. Ariel holds a MA degree in Psychology and is currently completing a second MA degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Kentucky.

On the contrary, Ariel is also; an Independent recording Artist, Creative thinker, and Enthusiastic speaker. Ariels’ entrepreneurship and creativity have honed her to excel and thrive in her blessings throughout her educational career – to become a blessing to others by developing a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization and giving back to the community in which she serves.

Living in a world where music is considered a universal language, her awareness of the importance of mental health helped narrow her focus and energy to take on the dire social issues surrounding substance abuse from a cultural and clinical perspective.

Ms. Houston states “The youth is our future, not only that- as adults, we must lead by example and show the at-risk youth that there is support in the community and help is only one call away.”

In the coming days Ms. Houston is set to release a new single titled “Guns Down, Life up”

Setting to release in three days on November 17th. There is a lot of anticipation behind this track with more messages of positivity and awareness of our culture and society. You can expect to get a refreshing melody with intentional lyrics focused on opening the mind and conversations of our society.

While her vocal abilities have contributed to a collection of outstanding records. Ariel’s most significant achievement is personal. No award can ever be received for helping other individuals achieve freedom from addiction – by teaching them how to live a life that is free from drugs and alcohol. Her collaboration is close-knit with her clients, who often feel judged and afraid of the consequences of their behavior. Hence, they feel comfortable addressing their substance abuse issues openly, which she encourages with the understanding of the struggles she endured throughout her own process of healing. Beyond the music, I heard a cry; I heard a voice- I listened and understood the pain: having the ability to help one change their way of thinking and ultimately changing a person’s life: Beyond the imaginable.

Ms. Ariel Houston’s story is one that will inspire. Check out her Instagram and Spotify to get to know her more and stay involved with her journey of impact and inspiration!

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