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Triple Cross: Johnny Lugautti and Skooly Drop New Banger

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Rising hip hop artist, Johnny Lugautti, and hip hop artist Skooly have teamed up to create one of the biggest bangers of the season, Triple Cross. Even though it’s still early in the year, this song has already taken over the airwaves and it has everyone in the world talking! This song was released October 28th and has already been played on stations all across the World, which only proves that these two artists are destined for success this year!

Johnny Lugautti is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite rockstar. His love for music was such that he sought to make it around the world by focusing on staying true to his art. We Poppin ft. Snap Dogg, Early ft. Euro Gotit, and other successful tracks helped him get his name out there to get even bigger collaborations. The constantly evolving artist set out to make music with no limitations. From earning records with chart-toppers such as Kevin Gates and Yung Bleu to maintaining a level of humility, Johnny’s track record is enough to make any fan excited for new releases.

Triple Cross is a new single by Johnny Lugautti and Skooly, this song is more of a Hip Hop track with heavy lyrics that will make you think. The beats and melodies are catchy while the lyrical content is strong and relevant. If you are looking for a feel-good vibe then this isn’t it but if your in the mood for something to really get you thinking then go listen to it right now! Definitely recommend checking this out if you like music that speaks to your soul, with an edge of realism. I really liked his voice, especially when he would rap at different speeds because it made me feel like I was getting lost in the story he was telling me without even realizing it.

The song is available on youtube as well as Spotify. It is a catchy track with an upbeat rhythm. Johnny and Skooly are two powerhouse artists that have collaborated before, the most recent being I Can’t Take No More. Check out this new single by them! The song can be found on youtube or spotify. The music video was just released and it looks like it will be a hot summer jam.

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