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K.Comedy Enters The Music Industry With Debut Single, “HYWTB”

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Mississippi recording artist K.Comedy is best known for creating the viral challenge, “Hit You With The Blick.” Seizing the moment, he shares the inspired debut single of the same title, featuring popular artists Key Glock and Mak Sauce. The song’s catchy theme is matched with the trio’s electric energy, dance moves, and, most of all, chemistry.

The guests on K.Comedy’s new hit are a dream come true for the rising star as his track embarks on an undeniable pace to the top. He explained:

“Coming from Mississippi, it was already a dream come true to have Hit You With The Blick go viral but now that this remix is coming with Key Glock and Mak Sauce it takes everything to a whole new level..”

For newfound fans, “HYWTB” is the perfect origin point to begin following the new artist’s journey. The new single is merely the beginning for the southern talent with the promise of more new music to come in the coming months. All preparing for an expected debut project. “Hit You With The Blick” is available everywhere via Run-It-Up Records.

Key Glock appears on the single courtesy of PRE/EMPIRE. Mak Sauce appears on the song courtesy of Run-It-Up Records.

Feel free to check out the viral trend-turned-music video below.

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