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Slyide slides into lustful glances and pure yearning with Dirty Dirty Girls

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A sultry sound rises out of Slyide’s unbelievably physical Dirty Dirty Girls. The track quite literally embodies the spirit of pure desire. Everything about it goes for this sense of wanting; the flow is flawless. He keeps the tempo slow and steady. Over the piece, the verses cascade, one after the other, as the passion burns through it all. Percussion goes for a minimal stance because his vocals are the show’s true star. Little flourishes of melody with their funky hip-hop quality have a G-funk aspect.

His introduction sets the mood for what follows. The spoken word bit adds to the sense of pure feelings, the animalistic impulses that run through the rest of the piece. Letting that beat drop settles into a slow-moving, luxurious groove. With just the right hint of raw grit and soul, he makes sure that the balance matters. A tremendous amount of detail filters into the fray, for the song, describes all the beauty he sees around him. Quite tempting, the verses revolve around this temptation, a wanting that is never quite fulfilled. The yearning here is the best part, for it never gets resolved. It simply lets the tension grow and grow until it becomes intoxicating.

Dirty Dirty Girls represents the neon glow of the night, the way people look in the proper lighting, and the overall sense of longing, proving Slyide to be a masterful storyteller.

Slyide is a hip-hop artist with a message. His music incorporates elements of different genres into his signature sound, making him accessible to listeners from all walks of life. Even for longtime hip-hop fans, Slyide is an opportunity to discover this new artist that had previously gone unheard.

What makes Slyide so distinctive is not only his narrative but how he’s using his platform to spread awareness about autism/Asperger and break down barriers for people with disabilities. This commitment to social justice makes him an essential voice in the music industry and beyond. Coming soon to a speaker near you, Slyide releases “Heaven” on New Year`s Eve 2022!

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