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Shining Some Light On The Music Video For “Dark” By MAria Krauss

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There can’t be any good without bad, no hot without cold, no happiness without sadness nor light without the dark. Maria Krauss provides us the dark among her own bright shining light with her music video for her single “Dark” which you can find uploaded to her official YouTube channel “Maria Krauss” and is also linked below for your convenience. In the video Maria takes us through the story of two lovers turned estranged. She does this through her own words and her triumphant and powerful singing paired with the visual itself for the project. The video currently sits at roughly 6,500 views and has been on the rise daily. This is one of her first music videos, which you would not be able to tell from how confidently she carries herself through the performance – not to mention her prominent ability to match visual emotion to lyric throughout the entire video. Simply put, in addition to being the talented, young pop singer that we’ve all grown to know and love her as, Maria Krauss is a pretty solid actor too. Overall, everybody played their part (or parts for Maria!) beautifully which resulted in the overwhelmingly successful delivery of a raw and personal emotion in a manner that one can easily relate to and connect with. With that said it’s no wonder why the song and video continue to show ever growing success in the community. Along with the link to her YouTube below we’ve also provided her social media links for easy access to follow Maria Krauss for the most up to date information directly from the talented source herself.

Instagram: gshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


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