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Jass Clutch and Finesse2Tymes share new video for “Whole Lot”

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“All this shit is irrelevant, Im sipping medicine, I’m popping Addie’s to stay focus, I pull up when I wanna I post up like 711 it stay open, gotta put on my hoodie with rappers cause I don’t trust none of em, I’m smoking OG so much they calling me grandson”

With a prominent feature on the decks, the visual lives up. In signature street rap homage, she represents her neck of the woods bringing out a fleet of foreign cars from Hellcat SRT’s, Rolls Royce’s, she sets the bar really high.

She also casts a models and dangles bankrolls of cash as she soirées with her crew playing back-up throughout. Admirably, her and Finesse also manage to get camera time together despite both their busy schedules.

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