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S3V4 – Bradford’s Rising Star

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S3V4 Grew up in Bradford, England.

His parents had a rocky relationship with one another and eventually split. Leaving his mum raising 4 kids on her own, they had a lot of hard times. He says “It all brought us to the good so I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Discovered 50 Cent when I was 13 and the rest was history, became a full blown Hip Hop junkie. Everything and anything Hip Hop was my life, I’d always wear something representing the Hip Hop culture for example.

I started writing raps shortly after and started recording music when I was 18, slowly perfecting and crafting my style to get to where I am now.

During this time I went to college & university, while working warehouse jobs to help support my family and fund the music.

I now run two successful businesses and have been on a successful rollout.

We took a moment to get to know S3V4 in depth in this interview below.

Where are you from?

Bradford, England

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

I’m a huge combat sports fan, any boxing or mma and I’m usually sat watching it live.
I also train boxing 3 days a week to keep in shape.
As well as this I love gaming or reading.

What first got you into music

50 Cent’s song ‘Many Men’, it was my first exposure to Hip Hop and the minute I heard that I hd to dig into the ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’. From there I discovered Eminem and consumed as much Hip Hop as I could.

What’s next for you?

You be just released my debut EP, and have one more dropping before the year ends. This year was a warm up year for me, just getting my toes in the water.

The next year will be following up on a lot of success I’ve had this year.
Tell us about your latest project/single (release date, title, tours, etc)

3T4PE EP – Released November 4th 2022

Give us 2 quotes from yourself

‘If I can make ten, then I’ll make me a hundred’

‘I paid the price for a priceless season’

Who is your dream collab?

I’d love to work with all my Hip Hop idols, but the one I feel like would mesh the best to create the best song would be with Russ.

I think our styles would compliment each other well, and his production is crazy good.

I’d also like to work with J Cole, Gunna & M Huncho

Give 2 possible ideas for the article headline

S3V4 – Bradford’s Rising Star

S3V4 – Bradford’s Finest

What are your most newsworthy mentions?

Gained over 400K views on TikTok

Independently Dropped An EP & Gained Over 15K Streams Over The First 3 Days & Gained Over 4K Monthly Listeners

Moved My Mum Somewhere Nice

● Artist Name: S3V4
● Genre: Hip Hop / RnB
● Instagram: SevaMegaDrive34
● Spotify:
● Website/Other Links: SevaMegaDrive.Com

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