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Fatima Reedy Was Born A Star

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Fatima Reedy is a talented independent artist, currently based out of Los Angeles, CA. Fatima has been connected to music since she was very young. As soon as she could speak, she also found herself constantly singing and acting. She had her first performance at just 4 years old with a full auditorium where she realized that being on stage is where she belongs. This led her to a life of performing where she became a competitive actress, and vocal student while studying performance in college on a fine arts scholarship.


Though she was very accomplished as an actress getting cast in movies and commercials, she always felt the possibility of a piece missing, which for her was music. From that point on she began taking her shot at music full-time and was fortunate enough to meet people who believed in her talents as an artist which helped her get to where she is today.


Fatima Reedy has been in the studio ever since working on more music for her fans and has a lot to show for it. She has a new single that is preparing to drop this winter sometime between December 2022 and January 2023. This song is titled “Turn Back Time” and it is a song about how time is truly up to us as individuals. It highlights that as people we spend so much time not living in the present and the title comes from the desire to have more time.


Reedy explains the song as “Smooth, relaxed, with just the right amount of soul- something you could play while stargazing or smoking a joint by a bonfire with your soul tribe.”


Tune into Fatima Reedy’s platforms to find this and more coming soon.

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