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The Tragic Life & Death of Princess Diana (Diana Documentary Double Bill) | Real Stories

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Special double bill documentary (Diana the Inquest, Diana The Night She Died)
Diana: The Inquest takes a remarkable look at the mysterious beginnings and proceedings of the British inquest into the crash of Princess Diana, Dodi Al-Fayed and their driver Henri Paul. The film highlights the important questions that the inquest aimed to answer.

Were Dodi and Diana engaged? Was Diana pregnant? Was the white Fiat Uno also in the tunnel that night connected to the accident? And the most important question of all… Was Diana’s accident planned and was the driver of the car somehow involved?

Diana: The Night She Died (Conspiracy Documentary)

After the death of Diana Princess of Wales, conspiracy theories filled the headlines. As so many of the conspiracy theories are absurd, many simple questions about the fatal night of August 31st have never been asked. By the end not only Princess Diana but also Dodi Al Fayed and the driver Henri Paul were dead.
First, police blamed the paparazzi for causing the accident. They had been “buzzing round the car like flies.” Then 48 hours later they blamed the driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul. He was said to be three times over the drink limit. This compelling program seeks to answer the many questions overlooked by the enquiry and to uncover what really happened the night Diana died.

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