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Boston Born Talent Shane Healy Is Cementing His Position in Music

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Being an artist can be easy but building a successful career in the music industry is different. The music scene receives hundreds of new artists daily, but only a few withstand the heat and intense competition to establish their own fan bases. Aside from your talent, you need to have the passion and unparalleled authenticity that sets you apart from the competition. This allows you to break into the industry as a unique act, allowing you to introduce yourself to your audience your way.

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Shane Healy is an American singer and recording artist cementing his position in the industry. With his unique sound and lyrical ability, Shane is an innately gifted artist taking over the airwaves. He also stands out as an artist who has received the one million stream plaque from Spotify. This makes him one of the country’s top talents to watch out for.

In late 2013, at 17, Shane began creating music in his bedroom, a passion he had nurtured from a tender age. Music has always been a special part of his life, and it wasn’t long before he started chasing his passion. Though not everyone believed in his potential, Shane proved to be dedicated, and it didn’t take long to prove his doubters wrong. As he swiftly built a considerable local fan base, he signed a record deal in 2014 with an independent label. This was a significant milestone, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

Shane opted to relocate to California’s West Coast in 2015, splitting from the record company. To him, California gave him a better opportunity to pursue a career as an independent artist. An innately gifted artist, Shane quickly got to work creating his new distinctive melodic sound. This included learning and understanding other aspects of the music-creating processes, including learning how to record, mix, and master his music.

During that time, Shane released a number of records following an extended break and numerous disappointments in both his personal and professional lives. His long-awaited first album, Room 308, didn’t drop until May 2020. The subsequent year, he dropped his sophomore project, Sex Symbol. Some of the tracks on the Sex Symbol album include hits “Just Another Quick Fuck,” “On the Low,” “What U Want,” “My Life,” “Trust Issues,” and “Her Opinion,” among many others. The good news is that all these are available on leading streaming platforms like Spotify.

Though finding success in music can be challenging, Shane believes there is always a path for those who are resilient, passionate, and hardworking.

“The biggest advice I could ever give is just never quit on your dreams. Times get tough, but if you want it bad enough. You can make it happen no matter what life throws at you.” Shane says

Shane now envisions himself at the top of the game, collaborating and working with some of the biggest names in music. He also wants to diversify and dive into other industries like tech and different business ventures to grow his business empire.

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