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King Infamus New Music Video One Two Three Four Just Dropped

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KING INFAMUS is an upcoming artist; he has made his voice heard all the way from Bermuda. King Infamus has consistently honed his craft and evolved his sound for numerous years. Excelling in every area of his musical world, the future looks bright for this upcoming artist. By building an audience from the ground up, displaying rare talent and true emotion you may be missing from your daily playlist. King Infamus found his sound took him further to the next level. Having gained much success from his craft, continued hard work and networking will help the fast-rising star grow his brand tremendously. With a good head on his shoulders, he only seeks to find his highest potential. His success is attributed to his passion, patience, persistence and hard work, as you will always find him in the studio doing his thing.

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Instagram: @therealkinginfamus

Twitter: @KingInfamus

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