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Usher Angie Martinez IRL Podcast

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Something magical is happening in Vegas, and Angie made her way down there to check it out… in real life. On this week’s episode of The IRL Podcast, Usher joins us to celebrate his wildly successful Vegas residency, ATL’s impact on the culture, and his legendary status. This is a special time in his career AND his personal life, and Usher reveals how he finally found happiness.

Usher has always loved love, he was just bad at it, but he credits finally getting it right to being in the right relationship, learning to listen, and couples therapy. In this episode, he reveals a communication tip he learned that changed his life, shares his meditation routine, and dishes out lots of free treatment. It’s clear he put in all the work and feels all the benefits.

But that’s not it; he shares plans for future business with LA Reid and promises new music is on the way! This is an episode you won’t want to miss……

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