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Has Social Media Become Too Social?

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There was a point in time where platforms like twitter, instagram and Facebook were literally means of entertainment. When the pandemic hit, social media became for some the only place of solace for many feeling isolated and trapped within their homes as COVID took over and plagued the lives of many. But with good comes with the bad and I have to ask, “Has Social Media become to social?” At any given moment, I can watch anything and everything from a murder to porn. Mostly unintentionally and as innocently has scrolling through your timeline. I can’t choose what others seem to repost or add or comment on. Meanwhile choosing to be transformed into someone’s world of thoughts and images have become harder to decipher than choosing a mate or a job. You never really know what you are going to get until you get there and then you find yourself leveraging their good posts with the one that merely took the wind out of you.

Everyday, I join the rabbit hole of people arguing about people’s opinions of what they wrote or instantly saddened by the memories of loss they share. I laugh at the ones that post crimes and then become surprised at how they got caught. Social media is a juicy novella that you know you shouldn’t watch but you’ve become too invested. But when is too much too much. Why are we going live at funerals or posting the last moments of someone’s demise? Why are we so numb and feel so inclined to video someone getting beat up, shot or hurt instead of tryin to help them. While there are moments like police brutality, where filming is the only help you can provide, there are far more activity where someone just stands by and does absolutely nothing. Social media isn’t social at all. It’s a blank canvas that allows you to paint whatever picture you want but we have to replug into the emotions of each other. We have to learn to put the phones down and really analyze how documenting everything strips you from actually experiencing your life. Remember when you were kid, glued to the tv and your parents would turn it and end you outside. Well now you carry it around in your pocket. It’s ok to unplug. Learn to uncondition yourself and your children to live solely on electronics. This is real life, not a movie or sitcom. I employ everyone to pay attention to people in front of you. I employ everyone to help someone in need. I employ everyone to stop posting people’s dying moments. For your sake and for mine.

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