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Exclusive Talk With Johnny Ice, founder of Johnny’s Ice and Co.

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Among the list of Florida’s top-notch Jewelry houses, Johnny’s Ice & Co. is unique. A Young and premium jewelry house made and ran by independents true to their craftsmanship, offering some of the most exclusive collections in the market. This brand is about to become iconic; therefore, we decided to approach its CEO Johnny Ice for an interview.

Can you tell our readers about your brand?

Johnny’s Ice & Co. is a brand with feeling and meaning. While focusing on growth, honesty, comfortability, family, clientele, and quality of work, Johhnysiceandco is here to provide you with a one-of-a-kind experience in the world of jewelry. With an experience staff and owners, we pride ourselves on not just informing you about your purchase but providing superior service along the way.

What separates Johnny’s Ice & Co. from the competition?

We stand out by focusing on our own path. Staying in tunnel vision and constantly innovating. We set the standard, the trend, and the bar.

Johnny is the youngest in the game right now at his level. All while displaying an inspiring story to show for the success. Coming from nothing with $200 in your pocket to this is a big step and leap. All while independently making everything from grillz to custom chains in house. Cutting out the middleman leaves you room to save a lot of money. Why pay someone to pay another person to get your piece done? Does not make sense to us. If you are in the game, be the game. Be authentic

How has your journey been?

It has been a long journey; nothing was incredibly easy. But we remained humble, stayed in our lane, focused on our path, and prayed to the man above that he would help us find a way.

However, I would be humbly speaking, I am the youngest jeweler in the game right now building a 6-figure company at 25 years old. All while maintaining a business and promoting it. In our first year in business, we touched over a quarter million in gross sales and have now become one of Florida’s primary brand names in the world of jewelry.

What would you say to entrepreneurs who aspire to build a brand of the same caliber as Johnny’s Ice & Co?

In the beginning before Johnny’s Ice & Co. was a brand, I would go around my home city and do business out of my trunk full of jewelry just trying to make ends meet. My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to learn how to enjoy adversity and most importantly the journey. Tough times do not last forever but tough people do! Hustle, also be innovating, and do things better than your competition. Hustle is entrepreneurship!

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