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Brisco Bands Drops “Actions Speak Louder” Single

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New Jersey artist Brisco Bands new single Actions Speak Louder out now with rising Michigan rap star BabyTron. On this 80’s sample beat you get a mix of east coast New Jersey Flows with the Detroit style rap to finish it off

Nathan Nieves also known as Brisco Bands is a rap artist from Vineland, NJ. Brisco has paved his way in the music industry for only two years now. His influence to produce and write his own music was looking up to Tory Lanes, Lil Yachty and Post Malone. He’s learned from them that it takes Hard work, dedication and being true to yourself to get to where you want to be specially in this competitive industry. Brisco has already accumulated over 1 million views and plays altogether with his music in such a short amount of time. Brisco Bands will continue to further develop himself in to an artist and producer and even continuing his education in Recording arts. Make sure to stay tuned with Brisco Bands on his Instagram at @Briscobands for all new music coming soon.

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