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Angie Martinez IRL Podcast I Derek Jeter

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What’s better than one Hall of Famer? TWO! The Captain & The Voice. New York Stand Up!

This week on the IRL Podcast, Derek Jeter sits down with Angie to discuss the winning mentality that has led him to success both on and off the baseball field. Derek shares the mantras he lives by in real life and explains how patience helped him become a champion. The two discuss his humble confidence, the distance between comfort and growth, the importance of preparedness, and how the knowledge he’s gained from it all spills over into his new favorite title… Girl dad.

6:34- Angie & Derek Jeter discuss what it takes to be a GOAT

10:50- Angie and Derek Jeter discuss The Captain documentary

15:25- Derek Jeter on the letter he wrote to Kobe Bryant in The Players Tribune

22:28- What Inspires Derek Jeter?

23:00- Derek Jeter On His Daughters

29:00- Derek Jeter talks about his line, Greatness Wins

33:20- Derek Jeter’s biggest fear in life

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