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Leezy “Intoxicated” (Music Video)

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Ohio artist Leezy jumps on the radar with his new video to his buzzing single “Intoxicated”. In the two minute visual Leezy brings fans into a hazy, euphoric world and lyrically explores some of the challenges of addiction and drug use. With over 50,000 views on YouTube in a few short days since it’s release and climbing, “Intoxicated” is setting the tone for Leezy’s next run.

For Leezy, breaking into rap music has been a journey over a decade long. Originally using music as an escape, he’s developed it into a therapeutic focus, releasing a handful of projects and singles showing his eclectic style. In his new video for “Intoxicated”, Leezy speaks on the difficulty of numbing the pain caused by everyday life. Taking a break to medicate can help some through this process, and Leezy has made it clear that has been the case with him. The visuals, directed by frequent collaborator ZEROSCOPE, are striking and invite viewers into the slurred world of the brain on drugs. With so much creativity behind his concepts, it’s almost certain that Leezy’s follow up to “Intoxicated” will be equally captivating.

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