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Freeway RIicky Ross “The Documentary” FCITS

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I Made This Documentary For You All To See The Truth & Learn From My Mistake. I Never Knew How Valuable An Education Was Until I Went To Prison.

The biggest & most famous drug dealers in America’s history. Freeway Rick Ross is now a free man after receiving a life sentence but only serving
over 20 years in federal prison for the sales and distribution of drugs.
Like over half of those incarcerated. Rick was illiterate until he was 28. He learned how to read in prison and became a jailhouse lawyer, eventually winning an appeal to get his sentence reduced.

Today his mission is to teach literacy-reading, writing, financial, and media-to those whom educators find the hardest to reach. He acknowledges the terrible damage crack created, especially In African American communities, and he is now trying to give back.

Ross debut into the fashion industry with his infamous tee shirt “The Real Rick Ross is Not A Rapper” followed with an autobiography with Cathy Scott called Freeway Rick Ross: The Untold Autobiography, and then released 2016 Emmy nominated, Freeway: Crack in the System on Al Jazeera. The documentary was rereleased on Netflix, Dec 15, 2017 and now you can watch it for FREE here on this YouTube page. He is also promoting
his new book Riding with Rick: The 21 Keys of Success with Kole Crutcher, a self help book which chronicles how to turn failure into fame, poverty into plenty, and setbacks into success!

Freeway Rick Ross is the newest board member for NDICA, National Diversity Inclusion & Cannabis Alliance, which is an organization that supports people of color, diversity, ownership, social justice, and social equity. The mission of the NDICA is to create an ethical and fair market to reduce barriers contributing to the lack of representation of minorities and marginalized community members. This aligns with Rick’s mission to create awareness so that people of color can have ownership in a billion dollar industry. LA Kingpins and FREEWAY
are two cannabis brands Rick currently own and also he’s about to take over the boxing
Industry by being one of the best boxing advisors in the game.

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