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How Multifaceted Creative MC Luna Trine Made a Name for Himself in the Music Industry

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The music industry houses so much talent that it becomes increasingly difficult to set oneself apart from the rest. Naturally, the best of the best are given a chance to shine in the limelight, and it’s looking like New York City native MC Luna Trine is gaining the momentum he needs to get there. 

With an unabashed passion for creative self-expression, MC Luna Trine began exploring his talents when he was a young boy. He would craft beautiful paintings and drawings in his early childhood days, carrying over his passion for art into high school. In his college years, he got into photography and videography, where he would become a photographer for many models around New York City.

His photography stint would land him many opportunities to shoot at fashion shows, events, and more. MC Luna Trine would then meet music artists who introduced him to the music industry, where he photographed many artists in Quad Music Studio, concerts, and music video sets.

Throughout the years, MC Luna Trine enjoyed being behind the camera to create for others, but he realized that it was finally time to be in the spotlight and craft his own work. So, he went to the music studio to create his first song, “Aura For Me.” His debut single talks about connecting to another person based on their aura and energy. 

He soon discovered that he thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of songwriting, which led him to create his next single, “Come With Me To The Moon.” As a passionate traveler, he wants to explore the world and share his adventures through his music. Ultimately, MC Luna Trine wants to put together his creative voice through many forms of art. Such is the way of a true creative, pouring his heart and soul into everything he does as a way of passionate self-expression.

“I try my best to be authentic and honest. I do my best to set aside my ego and feel as though everyone is the same. When I was a photographer, I could do a shoot with a well-known celebrity and in a few hours after meet up with a person who is starting off their journey in the creative field and treat them the same way with respect,” shared MC Luna Trine. 

As a well-meaning creative soul, MC Luna Trine does his best to inspire other aspiring artists and is open to any form of collaboration. “I love to help and inspire others and give people advice. I am open to creating with other people, no matter their level of skills. I love to work with and create with other people. I am open to trying new creative ideas and taking advice from others.” 

Ultimately, his passion for creating new things has always been MC Luna Trine’s strong suit. As he continues to master his craft, he is looking to be one of the more promising artists in recent years. Brimming with potential. MC Luna Trine is well on his way to the top, not just in the music industry but the entire creative industry as a whole.


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