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Precision Productions Hits The International Market With Ciara and Summer Walker

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“Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.”

This is a famous quote by Michael Jordan that deeply resonates with today’s emerging star in the music production industry. A man whose unwavering commitment and dedication to his craft have forged him into a reputable artist, allowing him to undeniably shape the face of Caribbean music for the years to come. This man is none other than Kasey Philips, the CEO and founding member of Precision Productions.

Kasey’s shot to advance Caribbean music came about sooner than he imagined with Ciara and Summer Walker’s latest single “Better Thangs”. Amazingly enough, this cosmic step was only possible through an auspicious Caribbean connection. Theron Thomas, who is from the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), a prolific writer well known for his work with chart-smashers such asBeyonce, Doja Cat, Lizzo, and Miley Cyrus, wrote this soon to be smooth groove anthem. Kasey, having worked with Theron on a few Soca tracks, joined him in studio to co-produce this monster hit alongside Deli Banger, another USVI native. With such a fantastic team, this release is no less than a dream come true for Kasey.

Unquestionably, the Trinbagonian producer’s presence in the music industry has immensely evolved. From being recognized as the son of the legendary guitarist and producer Kenny Phillips, to making his presence known through his musical and entrepreneurial abilities, while bagging various awards for his skills along the way, to now working with billboard regulars, hesurely has come a long way.

But what brought him here, and what was the reason behind his success?

To get the answer to these questions, one needs to go back to where his journey started. Born to an esteemed guitarist, Kasey shared his father’s deep passion for music. This drove him to experiment and trouble shoot various areas in his dad’s studio. Which, to his dad’s elation, eventually led Kasey to learn itsinner workings at a very young age.

Being alongside his father helped him refine his audio engineering and music production abilities, which jumpstarted his official career at 12 years old. It was then he produced a radio hit for Caribbean icon Iwer George. Kasey kept working and studying until he graduated from high school. From there, at the age of 16, he worked full time in music with artists, winninga plethora of titles and awards, establishing himself as one of the most talented rising stars in Caribbean music. Later on, he shifted to brand his skills and formed Precision Productions.

Kasey thrived on being more than just a music producer. When presented with the opportunity to intern in Los Angeles, he gratefully accepted it. While there Kasey experienced the music world from a previously unknown point of view. He witnessed new ways of operating, like the ‘international songwriter model’, which helped him broaden his knowledge of the music industry.

The international songwriter model turned out to be a game-changing element in his success, as it was not a method practiced in his hometown, Trinidad. This experience enabled his company to not only produce music for artists but also to own the music created.

Traveling to L.A. opened up new avenues for Kasey to pursue his dream of bringing Soca and Caribbean music to the world. Today, Precision Productions is the top production house in Trinidad and Tobago, making Kasey, the man behind all of this, one of the most desired music producers in the Caribbean.

With his company now owning the music it produced, international music distribution was finally possible. This elevated viable options to a new level and facilitatedpartnerships with major distribution players who introduced Precision’s music to digital retailers such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Spotify.

Amid all of this, the star recognized the importance of leadership training to support upcoming generations of Socaindustry professionals. A mission he accomplishes through his Audio Essentials Workshops, which offer training and mentoring opportunities. Additionally, during each workshop week, he, along with all of the workshop presenters, volunteer their time to spend a day at a nearby school, to interact and engage with music students.

Kasey confesses that there was no framework to follow back in the day when he began his journey, and in fact, many of his local peers and industry experts told him that his new concept would fail. This is why sharing his experiences is so important to him. It is driven by his need to give back as well as to be the example who shows that with hard work and determination to do something different, you can shatter any glass ceilings in your way.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, where he draws inspiration from the city’s energy while expanding his cultural sound into the mainstream musical influence.

Along the way, Kasey received and accepted an invitation to the Grammy Nomination Committee in 2018, together with numerous awards for his talents, including the Soul Train Music Award for Best International Performance, and the EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Emerging Sub Category.

His discography also consists of collaborations with R&B sensation Carl Thomas, diamond-selling artist Shaggy, Australian star singer Jessica Mauboy, Machel Montano, and Kes the Band, as well as those who rule the Caribbean music charts. This includes gospel artists, like Joel “Positive” Murray. Precision Productions produced one of Positive’s most popular songs, “Blessing After Blessing”, which also won Gospel Song of the Year.

Even though Kasey’s work has earned him ample accolades over the years, including the most prominent ones like Soca Monarch and Road March, he feels the need to continue challenging himself and aspiring to do more.

Furthermore, Kasey promises that there will be much more on the horizon as he works to bring his Trinbagonian vibes and skills to the world stage, starting with his contribution to “Better Thangs” by Ciara and Summer Walker, and continuing with many more exciting collaborations in the future.

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