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Portion of Nas’ Music Catalog May Be On Sale

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MC Serch, founder of Serchlite Publishing and Serchlite Music (now 4MC MultiMedia), has held a portion of Nas’ publishing rights dating back prior to the release of his debut album, Illmatic, in 1994. He helped facilitate Nas’ first record deal with Columbia Records. Nas’ 1996 commercial breakthrough, It Was Written, which Serch also owns a portion of, was recently certified triple Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and is Nas’ best-selling album to date. Serch has had possession of the rights for 27 years. While the 55-year-old is currently fielding several offers and expecting to find a buyer soon, he has yet to decide on which bidder he will ultimately sell to.

Serch is a member of the group 3rd Bass, he recorded two gold albums, “The Cactus Album” (1989), and “Derelicts of Dialect” (1991), as well as “The Cactus Revisited” (1990). In 1992, MC Serch had two hit singles on his solo album, “Return of the Product.” MC Serch also executive produced several other projects for artists, including OC, Non-Phixion and Boss. The song that he wrote and produced for Boss was featured in online promotion for the Nextflix original series, “Orange is the New Black.” He wrote several songs for the film “Bebe’s Kids” and served as both consultant and soundtrack executive producer for the film “Zebrahead.” Serch was also a featured performer in the Spike Lee film, “Bamboozled.”

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