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Shys Debiocci banger, ‘You Can’t’

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If, for any reason, you thought that Shys Debiocci would be a one-hit wonder, you got another thing coming. From dropping his hit single, Shooting Starwhich is still tearing the radios up to dropping his newly released banger, You Can’tShys Debiocci is letting the industry know whatever they can’t do or be! He definitely can.

You Can’t is that drill song you can get sturdy too. It’ll have you cranked up to the max. What makes Debiocci’s hit even more unique is that he didn’t have to name-drop those who may be against him, or roll them up. But it does let you know to stay in your lane, and nothing is sweet his way. The video is crazy to watch. The quality and production make you feel like it’s a movie. Maybe this could be a movie coming? Seeing this doesn’t hurt to put it in the air. Don’t believe it? Watch it for yourself.

Debiocci’s explosive video is literally breathtaking. You’ll find Shys Debiocci in numerous scenes dressed in all black, with a gas mask or ski mask, with his entourage showing off his expensive drip. Debiocci is definitely giving off vibes of I’m going to put the beam on them. Only those who watched the video will know what I mean. Below are some snippets from his trending video.

Shys is a force to be reckoned with. With drop after drop and now this headbanger. His single is about to light the streets up and have the clubs going ape mode. Debiocci’s newest release can easily be a hit in places like New York, Chicago, and the UK, to name a few. So I need all the DJs to lock in. Cause Shys Debiocci is here to put his mark on the game and says he doesn’t plan on letting up.

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