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OSF Profit – Fuq dat bih [Official Video]

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Fat Joe’s comment “Profit up next” on Instagram has been a catalyst for OSF profit’s career. OSF Profit has since traveled internationally performing his new hits such as “Fuq dat Bih”. OSF profit grew up in an underserved community in the Bronx, and despite his rather harsh upbringing he has continued to show perseverance through his music. His music serves as a story that displays his upbringing and love life alike. During his interview Profit mentioned that his parents have been an integral part of his success as well as his motivation.

OSF Profit began his music career during the pandemic, during this time he became very determined and dedicated to his craft. It was rough to start off his career during this time since he did not have a live stage to gauge his progress. He goes on to say “I am an entertainer. I love bringing that energy so that everyone can have as much fun as I am having”.

Hate or love him, Profit is high energy and cares about his fans. We cannot wait to see what he has in store for the music industry. Osf Profit is definitely up next!

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