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Jitt Jizzle Drops Visuals For Singles “Lone Wolf” & “Speaking On”

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Turn up the volume! Emerging Haitian American rap artist, Jitt Jizzle from North Miami is getting ready to take over your airwaves and playlists with his new single “Lone Wolf.”

As you listen in, you can hear how JJ is showing off his vocals and lyrics in this song as he opens up about not wanting to be alone rather than being around bad energy and fake friends.

“I come first before anything. You have to make sure you’re mentally stable all the time, that’s why I got the song “Lone Wolf” because I’m a person that likes to be by myself,” he said. You can watch the “Rags to Riches” rapper Jitt Jizzle as he moves and grooves in the “Lone Wolf” Miami destination video via Youtube.

In addition, the upcoming superstar has used his time and creativity during the pandemic to compose music nonstop. He says that he dropped a single called “Stepping” that’s still being played in his hood til this day. He also premiered the video for “Stepping” on WorldStar HipHop which received an enormous amount of views leaving him to trend #4 on their independent artist charts. If anything, the pandemic motivated him even more, especially after having a good run with the “Stepping” song.

Another single you can check out that Jitt Jizzle dropped titled “Speaking On” video was shot in Las Vegas. JJ says he is the visionary behind his visual with some support from his cameraman and agrees it’s a team effort.

When it comes to his upcoming album, the Lone Wolf has yet to give it a name or theme because that’s something he will think of once he gets the full body of music in front of him and listens to the vibes.

Nevertheless, Jitt Jizzle is a family man and is using his struggles and wins and the recipe to his music success to take care of his mom and nieces the way he wants to.

For more of Jitt Jizzle, be sure to follow him on Instagram @JittJizzle

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