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KenTheMan Drops New Freestyle “Baddest”!

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KenTheMan has released her newest freestyle “Baddest” exclusively on SoundCloud and AudioMack. The Houston Stunner is known for her assertive lyrical nature hence her moniker. She is distinguishing herself as the baddest in her city right now as her musical and social trajectory is evident.The track is heavily influenced by the sounds of New Orleans Bounce Music, with a sample of Juvenile’s smash hit “Back That Thang Up.” The song showcases her duality of bringing lyricism and fun vibes together. She wants her audience to feel confident every time they listen to her music. With this release, she continues to stay engaged with her fan base the “304’s”, staying true to her roots. SoundCloud was the first place she released music and it has now recognized her for her raw talent as an inaugural artist included in the First on Soundcloud 2022 Class.

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