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Sho-Time – Mercy (ft. Prizzy, Distruck & Ms Ill)

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Sho-Time is a hip-hop recording artist, record producer, and songwriter from the Bronx, NY, who prides himself on loyalty, family, and the hustle. His grind is most impressive, but what’s most exciting about Sho-Time is that he’s just getting started.

Born Karine Thornton, he developed an interest and appreciation for hip hop music, tradition, and culture at an early age. He enrolled in the high school of Art & Design, where he studied architecture and Animation. His passion led him to music, and with a distinctive flair and a unique voice, he made his debut in the musical scene by collaborating with Tron on the Beat on his earliest tracks.

Karine Thornton is not only a musician; he’s also an entrepreneur, holding the title of president of Necsere Music Records, a new joint venture with Ruby Recordings; Karine will oversee the label and build a staff to sign and develop artists. The label will also handle its own operations, creative strategy, marketing, and business affairs. Karine is also planning to open a recording studio for use by the label’s artists.

Today, Sho-Time released his first official video of the year on Vevo, titled ‘Mercy,’ featuring Prizzy, Distruck & Ms ill. Sho-Time plans on releasing new music and videos later this year. To keep up with Sho-Time, you can follow him on Twitter @IAmShoTime.

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