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F1 of FMG music video “Chances”

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F1 of FMG has been making a name for himself in the music industry over the last couple of years. Making waves across the industry his new music video for his hit song “Chances” is a perfect example of his excellence. With over 4,000 subscribers on Youtube and counting his music video “Chances” has already amassed him over 280,000 views and has done a great job of exposing his music to the masses. His true vocal ability paired with his lyrical taste is something that is hard to find in the modern era of music.

Originally from Tacoma Washington F1 of FMG spent his childhood moving between the state of Washington and Ohio. Finding his passion for music and settling his roots in Toledo, Ohio. With a mother who is a talented musician, he was inspired from a young age to be an artist himself. His mother played guitar and sand a lot growing up, which gave him a lot of inspiration as a young boy. Starting to create his own music at the age of 13, F1 of FMG has a lifetime of creation under his belt.

He began to start building a large buzz in 2015 when some of his songs gained a lot of attention on the internet. Living in an era where music can be distributed to the masses in just a couple of days has made many careers possible, but has also made for a record amount of competition in the industry. In 2007 F1 of FMG was sentenced to an 8 and a half year prison sentence for drug trafficking. Instead of wasting this time he turned to his passion for music. Using his time in jail to develop his songwriting and musical abilities F1 of FMG doesn’t look at this time as lost time, he let his unfourtante circumstances help him to become a better man.

When he was released in 2015 he hit the ground running and has been pursuing his music career very seriously ever since. With a growing following on social media, and a fan base that is waiting for new music at all times he has been able to turn negative situations in his life into positive ones. It is hard for people to view the positive amidst the hard in this life, but F1 of FMG is doing exactly this and is a role model for anyone struggling in their lives today.

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