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The Many Talents of Sunny Cowell

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As a practicing attorney and a professor of Electronic Media and Film Law and Regulation (Towson), Sunny Cowell’s professional trek is akin to her musical palette and eclecticism. Such dualism has been a major key to date for the burgeoning talent from Baltimore; we wish every musician green with optimism possessed such a lifeline. Fortunately for Sunny Cowell’s students, she’s able to transfer her unique expertise to young learners eager to traverse the sometimes gnarled roads of an unforgiving music industry.

Despite a busy life as a lawyer and educator, Sunny Cowell still finds time to make beautiful music. To paraphrase my boy Abel, “Anthology of Love” (her next project) comes alive in the Fall time. While we can call it a debut album as it’s Sunny’s first true LP, she’s far from new to this. Stanley Cowell, her father, was a tremendous musician in his own right, a label owner to boot. He helped Sunny (who started creating music of her own around 5 years old) hone her skillset, and it’s clear she learned from the best. The first record/visual off “Anthology of Love” is “Nothing Else” which is literally sublime both in terms of vocals and production and features work from Baltimore Club mainstays TT The Artist and Mighty Mark; the visual is equally impressive.

“Touch Me Now” might be my favorite to date as we have gorgeous vocal harmonies for days and a Baltimore Club bass line that urges one to move in the most grown and sexy fashion possible. “Here With Me”, among her usual vocal flair, showcases Cowell as a composer and instrumentalist (viola, guitar). It brings you to that point where you start to recognize that she not only possesses one of those “almost not fair” levels of talent but has put in her 10,000 hours to boot which is really where the magic happens.

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