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Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story Closes Multi-Year Licensing Deal

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REMEMBER ME: THE MAHALIA JACKSON STORY is a poignant look into the life and rise of the Queen of Gospel, Mahalia Jackson (Ledisi). Grammy Award Winner, Ledisi brings Mahalia’s fight for freedom into the spotlight while depicting Mahalia’s own personal search for love. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, this provocative story covers over five decades of Mahalia’s life and explores the tumultuous relationship Mahalia shared with her mother’s older sister Aunt Duke (Janet Hubert), legally named “Mahala”, Mahalia’s namesake after Mahalia’s mother unexpectedly passes away. Mahalia’s life experiences a resurgence when at 16 she moves to Chicago, Illinois, with her mother’s sister, Aunt Hannah.

REMEMBER ME: THE MAHALIA JACKSON STORY closes a multi-year licensing deal with Hulu. While I love the success of this dynamic woman, I was not happy with the choice to utilize Columbus Short as Martin Luther King. If you aren’t familiar with this, watch the official trailer below:


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