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It’s Time to Build with Neil Nines

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While Baltimore DJ/Producer Neil Nines is back up in our eardrums with the aptly titled “Come and Get It” (linked below) and gigging his face off per usual (bars, clubs, fashion shows, Et. Al), it’s far from the only hat he’s wearing as of Fall 2022. A background in corporate training has blessed Neil with the sensibility and desire to impart his sense of music, industry, business, learning, and accountability to others in his field, particularly those local to the DMV region. It’s become a passion of his and one he’s acting on habitually.


From management gurus like Mandy Kimlick (see TMI Management & Teddy Beats, recent rocker of Delaware’s Firefly Festival) to friend (& booking agent) Josh Carroll aka DJ Sway (see @DMV.djs) to Lauren Bosk (of Bosk Brand Management), Neil Nines is working alongside other movers, shakers, builders, and breakers in the region to bolster the collective movement. This is honestly not the norm from what I’ve seen in a region that ironically fancies crabs as a delicacy (I’ve seen a lot of the “crabs in a barrel” mentality…I’ll see myself out…of the barrel…I’m sorry…), so I very much salute Neil for taking this all hands on deck, gatekeeping be damned, communal knowledge and resources approach; there will always be power in numbers, particularly in an era in the industry more defined by analytics and volume than ever before.

In our recent conversation with him, Neil said the following about what he’s been up to as a dot-connector:

“It has been an amazing experience and opportunity fostering connection and growth amongst the music industry community here. A common thread that comes up in our conversations is that we are all in this together in representing the value that we bring as performers. To paraphrase from one of our guest speakers Even Steve (ClubKillers), we are not competing with each other but rather competing with people’s couches. We want to give them more and more reason to come out, see us play, to be a part of the music scene. We want to grow as an overall scene to build further recognition for the DMV as a thriving DJ scene that is home to some of the best talent in the world…”

What’s next for Nines? Aside from more of the aforementioned educational networking, we’ve got some really dope releases to look forward to with two new drops coming this November. But even before that, this October, we’re getting his face-melting remix of Mighty Mark and Rodney Hollywood’s “The Floor Is Ours.” Make sure you’re following Neil Hines on Spotify, Instagram, and everywhere else that matters; you might learn a thing or two.

Music journalist based in ATL but from VA. Connect: @tracymitchellva

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