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Houston’s DeeBaby Is The Next-To-Blow

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DeeBaby from Houston is becoming the new voice for latin hip-hop in America, and there is no denying him.

When the Black Diamond Entertainment rapper broke on the scene with his hit single “Marz,” he established himself as one of the more promising rappers of his kind.

Since then, DeeBabay, who is of Mexican descent, has emerged as one of the top rappers in Houston, and he’s proven it on every track. Along with “Marz,” DeeBaby is heard all over the  Be Someone: HoUSton Population mixtape. Most of his videos are raking up hundreds of thousands of views. His latest video, “Foreva” reached a massive million views, and he’s continuing to climb the ladder. He has already collaborated with No Cap on a song called “Free Now,” and Kevin Gates has called him the “Mexican-Gates.”

DeeBaby uses his unique melodic auto-tuned rap voice to pour out his pain in every track, and as a result, he’s been gaining notoriety from the major labels. It’s no telling what major label will partner with the BDE artist but with his consistency and work ethic, going major is inevitable. If you aren’t familiar with DeeBaby, check out a few of his bangers below and get ready as DeeBaby surges into the rap game.

Watch DeeBaby & NoCap’s video “Free Now” below.


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