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Clayton High School Basketball Player Justice Mitchell 2022-2023 Season

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The 2022-23 season started for Justice with a slow start. He had the idea of being prepared and ready for anything thrown at him, but he wasn’t prepared for the minor ankle sprain that deterred him from playing in his first game. Justice still had in the back of his mind that he could possibly perform but not at his best because of the injury that took place one week prior in a high school tournament. So he determined to prepare himself for the upcoming games in the season. The next game was only a few days away so he tried to get mentally and physically prepared. The second game finally arrived but pain and soreness were still prevalent without swelling. Justice could apply light pressure on his left ankle but was still not 100% ready. In his third game, he debuted not at his highest peak but went on to play shooting 50% finishing with 12 points and a win against Pinecrest High School. In his fourth game against East Wake High School, he had zero points with one field goal attempt. Something was bothering him mentally which was the thought of his ankle. The same ankle that was bruised came back to mind. During the game, Justice was thinking about re-injuring his ankle and not concentrating on the game at hand. He continued to play and focused on getting the win! Clayton High defeated East Wake 79 – 48

Justice played a well methodical game against Corinth Holders shooting over 70% from the field and 100% on his free throws. Justice helped Clayton High School win 66-51 over Corinth Holders. The game against East Raleigh was a great win for Clayton High and Justice who finished the night with 16 points, one assist; and six rebounds. A nail-biting win 64-49 over South East Raleigh who was well coached and very disciplined.

The second half of the season is looking bright for Justice Mitchell and his teammates from the Clayton Comets. The schedule is interesting as they will face Garner High School which is a conference game at Clayton which has a record at the time of this article of 10-2 facing Clayton High with a 7-6 record.

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