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Cooli Highh Shares His Passion for His New Independent Album Trap Tape 2

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Despite the fall season coming in, rising rap artist Cooli Highh is getting ready to drop a ton of heat with a full-length project. The talented rapper is set to release incredible songs with close friend Rockie Fresh through his eagerly anticipated independent album, Trap Tape 2: Still Boomin.

African-American singer, songwriter, and content producer Cooli Highh, also known as Samuel Thomas Jones Jr, is making his way to imprint his influence in the hip-hop industry. With the release of his debut album 48Hrs, he has significantly increased his popularity nationwide. The eclectic music of Cooli Highh is best known for songs like “Medicine,” “Piranha,” “Locomotive,” “Cold Soul,” “Flowers,” “For The Game,” “Big Face Hunnits,” and “Arkansas Anthem M.M.M.” Cooli Highh has one of the best feature catalogs in Arkansas. With several remarkable collaborations with many well-known musicians, including Mark Battles, Maino, Rockie Fresh, Big K.R.I.T., and many others, the artist is undoubtedly making his presence known across the trade.

Cooli Highh was born in San Diego, California. At such a young age, he had already been through quite a difficult and traumatizing experience. When he was three years old, he was kidnapped from his daycare and burned alive. Thankfully, he survived and used the memory tainted with suffering, hurt, inner hunger, and frustration to push himself and prove to the world that he deserved a place in it. He completed high school at Arkadelphia and enrolled at the ITT Technical Institute in 2013 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Cooli Highh began performing professionally in 2017, heavily incorporating a distinctive style inspired by hip-hop into his own. Power 92 Jams, one of Arkansas’ top hip-hop radio stations, broadcasted the world premiere of Cooli’s first song. He has collaborated with several well-known musicians, including Smoke Dza, Big K.R.I.T., 21 Savage, Young Dolph, and others. Additionally, he has worked with many other music producers, including Sauron, Batman, Sachy, AyoWithTheMayo, DeeB, Level, and Urban Nerd.

He released Piranha in 2020, a song well-produced that it deserved a spot in every listener’s Spotify playlist. All of Cooli’s releases are available on all music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

In addition to his involvement in the hip-hop industry, Cooli also runs the AcMgFashion website, which offers a wide selection of clothing and accessory options like hoodies, T-shirts, socks, phone cases, mugs, and others. He has also been featured by various media outlets, including LA Wire, HipHop Weekly, The Hype Magazine, and Medium, among others.

Cooli wants to expand his networks and further establish a name for himself in the industry by luring more hip-hop, rap, and music fans to discover and subscribe to his music. He currently hosts the #TheHighhLife Podcast on Twitch and has a YouTube channel with over 35,000 subscribers.

The significant growth of his GoodVibesCorp brand gave Cooli a lot of hope. He feels that he is standing up for people who feel like they don’t fit into the typical mold of everyday life, including podcasters, gamers, and rappers. Despite being told that he would never be able to walk or be normal once more after the incident that changed his life, Cooli gives his listeners hope to keep pursuing their goals.

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