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CBGQ4 “Problem Child” x 1024jager x White Boii (Official Music Video)

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Q4 is using the gift to add to people’s lifestyles. It would be best if you were not missing out on his head bouncing lyrics. You should undoubtedly update your playlists with his songs. This star is set to make it out all big worldwide. complete game-changer whose music is needed within the industry.

Networking and creating the right buzz has helped him push his content to a higher level which eventually leads to the success of his future releases. Q4 has an amazing head on his shoulders, and he only seeks to find his highest potential.

His success is attributed to his passion, patience, persistence and hard work, as you will always find him in the studio doing his thing. loves to listen to melodic Hip-Hop and is looking forward to mentoring many artists in his city.

The Tampa native CBGQ4 is taking over… but call him Q4 for short. The upcoming indie artist has been making music for only 1 year. He just dropped his latest official music video called “Problem Child” which features 1024jager and White Boii. The artist shows no signs of slowing down.

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