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Rising star ‘Strategy KI’ preps for new EP release

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Strategy KI is a British singer/songwriter best known for his hit single ‘Slowly Drifting’. He has gained major success on Spotify where he has built up a loyal and devoted fan base in over 72 different countries, with over 2.4M streams.

Strategy KI’s rap-music draws upon the nostalgic Grime scene that was popularised by the predecessors before him as much as modern rap and dancehall; ethereally displaying a skilful union between rap and melody with impactful and gratifying soundscapes that have made him a household name not only in the UK rap scene but also a promising rap engineer in other parts of the world as well. Both his lyrics and his music speak volumes on matters of optimism and inspire positivity.

He is now set to take centre stage again once he releases his 4-track extended playlist dudded ‘Eye For An Eye, Tooth For A Tooth’, which is scheduled for the official release on all digital streaming platforms from 12th August, 2022. This project will prove to be everything fans expect from Strategy KI and more. With full production by Netherlands producer Didjah. Every time these two create music, it is always a perfect duo.

The pair have left their usual drill sound behind and have gone back to the raw roots of rap on this EP. Strategy KI entered the game showcasing his rap skills to the world back in 2012 with song such as ‘Moneys Da Motive’ which is a classic UK road rap song, this sound was popular back in the 2010’s. Then in 2015, he started to push the underground genre of Grime. This evolved in to Trap and then later UK Drill in 2019. He always demonstrates his lyrical skills and versatile abilities through out all musical genres.

‘Beat Up J’s’ is a straight-up anthem from head to toe. Making a grand entrance with Caribbean inspired lyricism, this track grabs your attention immediately. Following through are some vintage synth waves before the beats culminate to a full rap house with the low-phased bass and resounding percussion blended perfectly for a movie banger.

Strategy KI breathes life into the narrative with his straight-talking flows demanding a listeners’s attention. Cruising smoothly through the melodic highway he makes an anthem from the easily quotable lines, “I was on the road with these beat up J’s”. This track echoes his journey from hustling in the streets to where he is currently standing and there is plenty more to come from him as he is nowhere near done!

‘Summer Time Smile’ makes an impression right from the charming keyboard intro with the haunting percussions joining in the buildup before the atmospheric synths and seep quintessential hip-hop beats are met with a lyrical stunner from Strategy KI. Like a lyrical villain, he makes the plot really enticing with this adrenaline-rush rap performance that backs his claim that he is no amateur!

‘Stepping Freestyle’, is a show-stopper as he goes hard and gives listeners something to hype about. He proves once again that he never runs dry of flows and why he is the number one UK emerging artists who is giving rappers sleepless nights!

Finally, on ‘Private’, he delivers an emotional performance that is marked right from the introductory line, “Growing up I was that kid that didn’t have it’. From there he never stops, lyrically astonishing with his street-smart flows that seem inspired by real-life events that has moulded this talented artist.

Mark the 12th of August into your calendars for this coming EP ‘Eye For An Eye, Tooth For A Tooth’. This project is going to leave a lasting impression on you with its uniqueness and passionate delivery.

After the success KI has had all year round with such singles as ‘Life Of A Trapper’ and ‘That’s Just Tips (Ft. T-Pain x Simple Life)’ doing unbelievable streaming numbers.

Strategy KI, born ‘Reuben Leighton Kennedy’ (5th November 1992) is the CEO and founder of Immortal Mixed.It (previously known as Immortal Music Records). This talented rapper/entrepreneur has played a key roll in the music industry for over a decade.

He attended Northbrook metropolitan College and later the University of Brighton, where he studied ‘Music Production’ for a total of 5 years. He graduated in 2014 ,earning himself a degree in the production of music and sound design.

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