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Cabanaa Goes Acoustic On New Visual “Broke Not Broken”

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In hip-hop, there are many talented individuals but rarely do you find one with the capabilities of doing everything. When it comes to Cabanaa from Baltimore, he epitomizes rare musical talent. 
In his “Broke not Broken” acoustic performance, his all-around artistry is on full display. He’s outside in front of the mic delivering blissful sound while playing the guitar. 
Keeping the substance in the streets, Cabanaa encourages the ones who feel trapped, to get up and go get it, and he’s making it sound swell. His versatility is evident. He’s singing and rapping. He’s using many different cadences, and he’s even hitting high pitches. 
“It’s ugly outside, but it’s money outside,” as he sings to his listeners to inspire them. Check out his “Broke not Broken” performance and leave your opinions in the comments.

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