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Music Discovery: Thee Royal Zia Maranda

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Today we have discovered Zia’kiera Maranda Funchess also known as, Thee Royal Zia Maranda, born in Hackensack New Jersey, and raised in St. Matthews, SC. She is currently located in Columbia, SC. An artist, creator, influencer, entrepreneur, private professional licensed nail technician & certified lash, brow, and makeup artist.

Thee Royal Zia Maranda excels both in the business and artistic side of the industry. And the list of accomplishments continues along with being a songwriter & recording artist. “Thee Royal Zia Maranda” is the founder & owner of Zia’s Creations LLC & Melanointed Beauty.

Thee Royal Zia Maranda spent her time in music while she was quite young. Her first step toward the passion that would elevate her to a whole other level was learning to play an instrument and write poems as a young child. She came from a musically interested family, so it was easy for her to become enamored with the art, and as she grew older, her love for music deepened. She used it as a means of emotional expression and healing.

The list of her achievements is extensive and includes a degree in Business Management and membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc and Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity Inc. She also holds Cosmetology licenses and certifications, as well as business LLCs. Her advice for her future self is to live life more abundantly in a variety of ways and focus on her health which will keep her grounded and balanced enough to continue to create beautiful artwork from music to cosmetology. She is currently working on her 2nd EP which is dropping this month. .

Thee Royal Zia Maranda suffered a lot of atrocities, including physical, verbal, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. She also experienced poverty, health issues, and a few surgical procedures beginning when she was a teenager. She overcame that while also suffering from homelessness, but all these things didn’t stop her from achieving her goals.

While overcoming her depressive phase of life Thee Royal Zia Maranda had strong spiritual faith that helped her overcome things slowly one day at a time with the help of meditation so as to let go of her past, and she healed as she met beautiful people along her path in the journey of life.

Both of her parents are innovative and so was Thee Royal Zia Maranda, her advice for the youth is to “Be your true authentic self, always follow your heart and your greatest superpower is being YOU, no one else can do.”

Her Future ambitions include receiving an award for her musical talent, becoming a successful businesswoman with her own salons, maintaining celebrity clients, and collaborating with leading brands for modeling and creating natural hair care and skin care products. Her greatest desire, however, is to remain her beautiful self, no matter where life takes her. She also wants to remain thankful and humble, giving all the glory, honor, and praise to the Highest God.

If you’re looking for a new artist to listen to that can easily weave between your favorite genres of music, then you should definitely check out Thee Royal Zia Maranda on all streaming platforms! Listen to her hit single “Queen Team ” with the link below and stay tuned for the upcoming EP! and for more information get connected with Thee Royal Zia Maranda on Instagram.

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