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It’s time we talked about RadWulf

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For many, 2022 has been a year of new growth – for RadWulf, this is quite the understatement. 


From his debut single release in April to his first major festival appearance in October, the “Space Pirate from the Future” has been hard at work taking the music and digital entertainment industry by storm. 

Originating as a “bedroom” producer from Dallas, TX (deemed “Disco City” in RadWulf lore), ‘Rad’ spent the majority of his life experimenting with a variety of instruments, music genres, creative softwares, design programs, and even took part in the production of multiple major music festivals. 


Having obtained his business Degree from Baylor University, he decided to leave his tech-career as a fortune-500 global project manager to start his own creative ventures within the entertainment industry. Through a cross-pollination of these ventures, Radwulf was inadvertently born. 


Shortly after its release, RadWulf’s debut single “Down” featuring Clovet Mae received an explosion of engagement from many online and international communities (receiving 6-figure streams in the first few months of RadWulf’s account existence). 


The music video for “Down” (released shortly after the single), delivers a whole new level of immersion into the mind of the artist and (opinion) fulfills every bit of expectation we had for the track.


His creative team has also announced a slew of projects and immersive performances approaching within the MetaVerse that is sure to elevate his brand even further. The invite reads as follows:


“RadWulf invites you to explore a new era of immersive experiences in which visual and audio entertainment collide with creative storytelling. Where the ‘impossibilities’ of reality trickle into the realms of digital fruition, and the cross-pollination of industry leading ideas create new opportunities for the world to enjoy.”


One thing is for sure, whether in the metaverse or on another planet altogether, we are very excited to see where Radwulf’s takes the industry with his upcoming projects. Speaking of which, His newest single “Body” (featuring Onlyfans mega-star Summer Brookes) has just been released on all platforms and we are even more excited about this one – check his Instagram for the link!

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