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Seeps Drops “Leave Em Alone” Music Video

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Seeps is a rising music artist from The Bronx, New York. Seeps most recently dropped the music video for his hit single “Leave Em Alone”, and fans and supporters can not get enough of the song and visual. Seeps sold out a show on his city for friday September 16TH, 2022 in Manhattan, NY. Seeps has been taking music more seriously in the last year and has accomplished a lot. He never gave up and overcame a lot of adversity and struggle to become the man he is today. Seeps was expelled from school twice for selling marijuana and comes from the hood. With the odds stacked against him, he chose to not give up and peruse his true passion; Music. Seeps has three years experience managing artist and helping them with their careers before becoming a star solo act in his City. The music video for “Leave Em Alone” shows the growth of this independent artist. The music video has beautiful models, and is edited very well. The music video is high quality. Seeps is focused and knows what he wants to accomplish. This young ambitious artist prefers the finer things in life and loves designer clothes. Before he was eighteen years old, he cashed out on over 100k in jewelry. Seeps real name is Nicholas Davanand Seepersad and he was born on July 2nd 2004. Seeps is very talented and destined for greatness.





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