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H Is Back With “Depend On Me” and Haagenti Music project

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H recently released his music video for “Depend On Me” and he head his fans and supporters going crazy. H is a choreographer and music artist. In the music video he has beautiful models and talented dancers accompanying him in his music video. The choreography is on point on the music video. The entire video is a cinematic masterpiece that H and his team worked vigorously on producing. H also dropped a mixtape called “Haagenti”. The music project contains songs like, “Devastation”, “Primetime”, “Rewind”, and more. H is a very focused music artist and is blowing up quick. H has new music videos coming up that will drop soon this year. H is a true artist at heart and makes great music. His singing and rapping blends well with his image. There is a lot on the way for this rising star.

Snapchat: Noah_ymcmb

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