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Wong Kwan Chi Is Crossing Over to the Music Industry

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Technology is essential in increasing business entities’ competitiveness in all industries. In the music industry, for instance, it increases cost-effectiveness while still enhancing the capacity of industry players to reach global consumers more successfully. Digital platforms such as iTunes have improved consumers’ choices for their preferred music and given them easier access to music at lower costs. Amid these profits, technology also presents some challenges to the global music industry.

Technology increases access to music of different genres and eliminates the manufacturing, cataloging, and promotional costs associated with music production. Musicians can also upsurge their distribution rates across the world quickly. Conversely, technology has led to breaches of copyright through piracy. Although general logic reveals how the increased distribution has translated into increased returns, primarily upon eliminating manufacturing and cataloging costs, the onset of technologies such as iTunes has led to reduced revenues in the music industry.

Wong Kwan Chi is a technology expert with a great passion for music. He is the founder and CEO of Axiox Media Technology Limited (AiO), an IT company responsible for overall tactical planning and business and product development. Wong is an expert in researching and developing search engine optimization, online advertising, and digital solutions.

Before establishing AiO, he took over 100 website design cases as a freelancer. Wong is committed to saving IT expenses for enterprises, significantly saving costs, and achieving customers’ needs most efficiently. Wong does not use third-party website builders to complete website construction, thus maximizing the website’s


As an IT guru, one of his most remarkable achievements is winning the 2021 Innovation and Technology Excellence Award. In addition, his digital human and game

development YouTube channels were also recently verified. Nonetheless, he experienced challenges due to a lack of connections and recognition. But, Wong learned that participating in many offline social activities and events will enable you to meet and get to know more people, something he believes is important.

Besides IT, Wong is making his mark in the music scene as an up-and-coming musician. He has released various singles and EPs like “Never Give Up,” “Hiraeth,” “Return With Glory,” “Shield Up,” “March Forward,” “Seeking The Way,” and “We Are the One,” among others. His most recent release is an album, No Fears, which is skyrocketing, and his fans cannot get enough of his captivating sounds.

When asked what wisdom he would wish to share with the younger generation, he said, “This is easier to say because I am the owner of an IT company and a startup, and I became a musician because of my hobbies, but as an IT expert, there is also the introduction of AI technology in music, which is seen in some of my songs.”

The passionate IT expert and an up-and-coming musician dreams of bringing the art of music to the extreme. “What will completely AI-compiled music look like? Have you tried watching a song with your eyes? Do you know the feeling of music? How does music smell?” asks Wong. He concludes by sharing that through IT technology, you can

achieve all creative ideas in music. Even though it is still theoretical, his goal is to actualize and integrate it. “This is the ultimate music feast!” concludes Wong.

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