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Karan Batta Releases New Single “Golden Lion”

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Karan Batta is an Indian-American actor, rapper, and screenwriter. After the Best Rapper nomination from VH1 in Asia, his work garnered attention from MTV,  Conan O’Brien, and even Rolling Stone Magazine. 

His latest single, “Golden Lions,” is an underdog anthem for overcoming obstacles; inspired by his own experience as an organ transplant survivor.

“Hip-hop helped save my life.” The rapper would write songs every week throughout his recovery. After a major surgery, he needed to recover his lung capacity and would slowly rap his favorite verses to regain his breath control. “I tried to find ways to make my recovery fun and the challenge of being able to rap again kept me motivated.”

His latest offering, “Golden Lions,” is an amped-up single and the first of many to come.

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