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“Where’s The Dog? Black Ink Ceaser Details The Incident That Led To VH1 Firing Him From His Show.”

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Where’s The Dog? The hosts of Math Hoffa’s, My Expert Opinion Show, sat with Ceaser Emmanuel, Owner of Black Ink & former VH1 reality star and discussed the incident that almost ended his career. In late June the Black Ink Mogul was held under extreme scrutiny after a video was leaked of him reprimanding his dog “Bed Stuy”for fighting with his other dog outside of his home.

Math begins the conversation by getting straight to the point,”Where’s The Dog?” Ceaser responds “You just get right to it.” “A **ga lost it for two seconds and mf’s act like I can’t make a mistake and I honestly regret it.”

Ceaser and the guys also talk about “Cancel Culture” and how quick people in power are to just throw someone away, even a person like Ceaser who has given so many opportunities for people to succeed and jobs for people to feed their families as well as other notable things for not only his community but every community where his shops hold space.

“That’s my issue as a culture, we’re quick to throw people away. What we see in other cultures people do the worse shit and bounce back,” Math Hoffa stated. VH1 terminated Ceaser’s contract immediately after hearing the news, he found out on social media and didn’t receive a call from the network. “I really put on for my culture, where is the “We Got His Back”.”-Ceaser

Unfortunately this is a lesson that’s cost him, will it end him? Full Clip Below. For more episodes of My Expert Opinion head to Math Hoffa’s YouTube Channel.

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